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Comina - Product Index
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"Klee #1"
"Matisse Green"
"3 Frogs"
"3 Kittens"
"9 Lives"
"Angus Lab"
"Anything Is Possible" Pearled Tray
"Bear in the Woods"
"Bicycle with Flower Basket"
"Birchbark Canoe"
"Birds on a Limb"
"Birds on a Limb"
"Blå Krokus"
"Bleached Burlap" Sm
"Blue and White Cabana"
"Cat and Birds"
"Cat Face"
"Cat Swirl"
"Cheers" Bottle Opener
"Cherry" Lg
"Cherry" Med
"Cherry" Sm
"Chocolate Lab"
"Daisy Mae"
"Danzdar Fawn'
"Diver in Green Suit"
"Diver in Red Suit"
"Dog Swirl"
"'Dots Gold"
"Dragonfly Cat"
"Fish School"
"George the Dog with Cats"
"Jardine R/G"
"Jardine R/G" Lg
"Jardine R/G" Med
"Jardine R/G" Sm
"Jardine R/Y"
"Jardine R/Y" Lg
"Jardine R/Y" Med
"Jardine R/Y" Sm
"Kandinsky #14"
"Kandinsky Sun Burst Green"
"Kandinsky Sun Burst Red"
"Klee #2"
"Klimt Cinnabar Green"
"Klimt Cinnabar"
"Klimt Marine Curves"
"Klimt Marine"
"Klimt Mermaid Waves"
"Klimt Peacock Swirl Blue"
"Klimt Swirl"
"Lady Bugs"
"Leaping Frog"
"Love, Love, Love"
"Matisse Autumn"
"Matisse Leaves Red"
"Max Bandana"
"Miro Cat"
"Miro Checkerboard"
"Miro Circle"
"Miro Ivory"
"Miro Moon"
"Miro Red"
"Miro Star"
"Multi Dots"
"Nautical Flags Welcome"
"Olive Tree" Lg
"Oscar Flower Cat"
"Pansy R/G"
"Pansy R/G" Lg
"Pansy R/G" Med
"Pansy R/G" Sm
"Pansy R/Grey"
"Pansy R/Grey" Lg
"Pansy R/Grey" Med
"Pansy R/Grey" Sm
"Petit Fleur"
"Petit Fleur" Lg
"Picnic at the Beach"
"Pineapple Green"
"Pomegranate" Med
"Pomegranate" Sm
"Prairie School Circles"
"Prairie School"
"Raindrops Aqua"
"Red Star on White"
"Reef Aqua"
"Retro Cat"
"Row Your Boat"
"Sea Dog"
"Sea World Aqua"
"Sea World Navy"
"Single Flower"
"Single Sunflower"
"Sit Dog"
"Sit Dog"
"Sperm Whale"
"Springfields" Lg
"Springfields" Med
"Springfields" Sm
"Squares Multi"
"Star Fish"
"Stars and Stripes"
"Stay There"
"Steelhead Trout Red"
"Sunflower" Lg
"Sunflower" Med
"Sunflower" Sm
"Tall Cats"
"Tanager Bird and Cat"
"Three Starfish"
"To have and to hold" Pearled Platter
"Tom Dick and Harry"
"Tulip Cat"
"Tulip Fawn"
"Tulip Green"
"Warbler Bird and Cat"
"White Star On Blue"
100% Bees Wax Pillar Candle
100% Bees Wax Tapers
100% Bees Wax Tea Lights
10x10 Vanity Tray
12x18 Glass Tray
20" Lazy Susan
8 Tube Vase - Blue Pooley
8 Tube Vase - Grey Pooley
Alligator Bamboo Napkin Box
Alligator Bottle Opener
Alligator Napkin Weight
Alligator Sauce Dish
Anchor Bottle Opener
Anchor Napkin Weight
Anchor Twist Napkin Box
Angel Fish Bowl
Antico Picture Frame
Aqua Swirls and Circles Scarf
Ash Stick Candle
Aster Solmate Socks
Baseball Mitt Baby Porringer with Bat Spoon
Basket w/ Loop Handles Rectangular
Beaded Luncheon Napkin Box
Beaded Napkin Box with Open Heart Weight
Beaded Sueno Gravy Boat
Bellini Big Red Wine Glass
Bellini Champagne Flute
Bellini Highball Tall Drinking Glass
Bellini Oversized Wine Glass
Bellini Sm Balloon Wine glass
Bellini Small Drinking Glass
Bellini Stemless Red Wine Glass
Bellini Stemless Wine Glass
Bellini Tall Iced Tea Drinking Glass
Bellini White Wine Glass
Blank 4x6 Statement Frame
Blue Multi Striped Infinity Scarf
Blue/Turquoise Striped Infinity Scarf
Bluebells Solmate Socks
Bottlecap Coasters
Brown Solid Teak Wood 'Bali' Side Chair
Brown Solid Teak Wood 'Ivy' Armchair
Bubble Sauce Dish Aqua
Bumblebee Pearled Napkin Box
Bunny Porriger & Spoon Set
Carnations Solmate Socks
Cocktail Garnish Server
Cocktail Pearled Napkin Box
Cosmo Sauce Dish Light Pink
Cosmos Sauce Dish
Cosmos Serving Bowl
Cosmos Solmate Socks
Crab Sauce Dish
Daffodils Solmate Socks
Daisy Pearled Napkin Box
Dog Bone 4 x 6 Frame
Dog Bone Pearled Napkin Boxht
Dory Boat Serving Dishes
Dragonfly Glass Pitcher
Dragonfly Highball Tall Drinking Glass
Dragonfly Iced Tea Drinking Glass
Dragonfly Pearled Napkin Box
Dragonfly Small Drinking Glass
Dragonfly Spreader
Elephant Napkin Weight
Ephesus Bath Towel
Farm Animal Candle Holder Set
Filigree Openword Cake Stand
Fish Bottle Opener
Fleur-de-Lis Wine Set
Flip Flop Serving Tray
Flip Flop Twist Napkin Box
Galaxy - Flow Blue
Galaxy - Flow Ginger
Galaxy - Flow Metal
Galaxy - Flow Mint
Galaxy - Flow Orange
Galaxy - Flow Pearl
Galaxy - Flow Sage
Galaxy - Flow Yellow
Galaxy Bowl Large
Ginkgo Leaf Sauce Dish
Glass Bottle - Large Grey
Glass Bottle - Large Peridot
Glass Bottle - Large Turquoise
Glass Candle Holder
Golden Retriever Spreader
Golf Bag Bottle Opener
Golf Ball Bottle Stopper
Golf Ball Napkin Box
Green Multi Striped Infinity Scarf
Grey Swirls and Circles Scarf
Grey/White Striped Infinity Scarf
Guinea Hen Large
Guinea Hen Medium
Guinea Hen Small
Heart Bottle Stopper
Hickory Stick Candles
Ikat Silk/Velvet Pillows
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